Administrative Division

Mission Coordination and development of physical and human infrastructure in order to achieve a dynamic, economical and social development
  • Standardization of the life style of the people
  • Encouragement of viable setting for an economic development
  • Development of infrastructure
  • Empowerment of house hold units
  • Enhancement of economic development opportunities
  • Strengthen of  household of the 31 Grama Niladari divisions
  • Investment of Gama Naguma, divisional budget and other government financial assets for a minimum development gaps and maximum encouragement of social needs
  • Stabilization of the physical and human asset progress of the development projects to the level of 100%.
  • Continuation of a formal and efficient coordination to resolve the economic and social short comes of the people in the division
  • Coordination, supervision and evaluation of all the development based activities of the division
Main Functions
  1. Identifying the development needs
  2. Evaluation the progress of the projects
  3. Updating PMCS
  4. Maintaining and updating Resources Profile of the division
  5. Accommodating the development principles of the division
  6. Management of the overall development of the division under the basic criteria of the development
  7. Practicing of the structural development process
  8. Acting as the facilitator for the development activities of the private sector
  9. Strengthening the tourism industry in the division
  10. Coordination, supervision and evaluation of the overall development process in the division
  11. Launching of the Divi Naguma programme
  12. Launching of the Gamanaguma
  13. Carrying out the district budget development programme
  14. Practicing of the provincial road development programme
  15. Assisting for the Divisiont integrated development plan
  16. Identifying the development needs in the regional level and assisting to find solutions for them
  17. Assisting to draft the resource outlook of the divisional secretariat divisions
  18. Drafting of the resource outlook of Gama Naguma
  19. Decision making and implementing of them in the divisional level for the Divi Naguma programme

Social Services Division

Vision To lead a path way for a hospitable society based on the citizen rights
Mission To harmonize the socially less beneficial community towards a national development with means of social welfare and social development principles and the continuation of the leadership practices

To assist the socially less beneficial community for to be the share holders of national development

Basic Principals
  • Respecting of the physically imbalanced people’s independence, self- respect, ….
  • Avoidance from the criticizing and the marginalization
  • Social integration and full productive social participation
  • Respecting the physically disabled people’s assortment and consideration of them as a part of the human community
  • Social opportunities
  • Entrance Facilities
  • Male female equality
  • Protection of the identity and the skills of the physically disabled children
Main Functions
  1. Provision of aids and equipments.
  2. Issuing senior citizenship Identity cards
  3. Issuing Dry rations

Planning Division

Goal Plan, conduct, coordinate and monitor human and physical resources to fulfill needs of internal and external beneficiaries in an effective and friendly manner.
  • Identify needs of internal and external stakeholders in a certain period andIdentify needs of internal and external stakeholders in a certain period andEnhance the efficiency of the institute using new technology.
  • Provide a prompt, satisfactory service for internal stakeholders.
  • Create the back ground to fulfill the needs of external stakeholders in a given time period.
  • Direct the state and national level festivals as the main state administrator in the district.
  • Meet the terms of citizen’s charter.
Main Functions
  • Manage human and physical resources through developing human resources in the division.
  • Manage human and physical resources through developing human resources in the division.
  • Maintain the daily post.Maintain personal files of the staff.
  • Maintain issuing of  licences.
  • Maintain the payments and leaves of the staff.
  • Direct the duties of the officers in Divisional secretariats assigned by circulars and regulations.
  • Coordinate, organize and launch national and state level festivals.
  • Implement projects and other tasks granted by ministries.
  • Make the work premises pleasant. Maintain the common facilities of the institution.
Other Functions
  • Issuing of Permits
  • Certifying  and counter signing of grama niladari certificates
  • Renewing licenses
  • Collecting revenue

Accounts Division

Goal Management of expenses of the institution with the funds allocated to its  vote, preparation of accounts of accounts connected with them, payment of salary, payment of overtime etc are carried out by the Accounts Division.
Main Functions
  1. Preparing the procurement plan of the year
  2. All the activities related to payments
  3. Conducting Board of surveys
  4. Handling Audit queries
  5. Preparing financial statements
Other Functions
  • Preparation of financial plans for the annual budget
  • Obtaining treasury funds
  • Disbursements of funds for research and development projects according to the action plans prepared by the technical divisions
  • Responsible for all recurrent payments including salaries, traveling, loans etc.
  • Monitoring all finance flow movements and reporting progress to the DG, Ministry and Treasury
  • Monitoring the use of external funds
  • Supporting to auditing activities conducted by Internal Audit Branch and the staff of the Audit department.

Registrar Division

Goal Registration of Marriages, Births and Deaths, issue of certified copies at request and the preservation of such documents for assisting the populace to secure their rights.
Main Functions
  1. Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths
  2. Issuing Certificates

Pension Division

Goal Execute pension policies efficiently and productively in regionally to provide active contribution to uplift and to assure wellbeing, Future protection of officers who dedicated for public services, their spouses and dependents.
Main Functions
  1. Payment of monthly pensions.
  2. Conducting Inspections for W&OP and disabled persons and giving recommendations to dept.of Pension.

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