Social Welfare and Benefits


Disaster Relief Services

 01. Application for loading and unloading of small and medium sized business building and its machinery, equipment and bulk damage due to a natural disaster
 02.  Application for loading damages for a damaged house or its home furniture due to natural disaster  
03 Application for the Advance of Home Damage Affected by National Natural Disaster Insurance Program

Downloads - Adult benefits


01. Elders Identity Card Application 
02. Application for receive subsistence allowance of Low income elders over 70 years
03. Appointment of a representative for obtaining senior citizen allowances
04. “SURAKUMA” pension benefit scheme

Downloads - Assistance for disabled persons

01. Social Services Assistance (Special Occasions / Disabilities)
02. Providing direct assistance to persons with disabilities
 03. Providing livelihood assistance for disabled persons
 04. Providing self employments for disabled persons
 05. Providing housing assistance to disabled persons
 06. Issuing special identity cards  for deaf persons
 77.Providing telephone connections for the disabled
08. Providing equipments for differently-abled persons

Downloads - Allowances for children

01. "ARASSAWA" Pre -Save Social Security Scheme For children
02. Application for selection for Vocational Training
03. Application for payment of educational assistance


01. Application of Public aid for monthly support
02. Report on the request for aid for diseases
03. Application for registration of mothers

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Sewa Pranama Puja

Sewa Pranama Puja

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